Industrial engineering

Studio Gonnella offers consulting services in the field of electric energy and motive power. In particular it deals with electric planning for both general and industrial purposes, maintenance and leak management of systems through ultrasounds and thermography, as well as services for health and safety according to Law 81/2008.

Studio Gonnella is run by Giuseppe Gonnella who holds a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Pisa and is also professionally qualified. He subsequently obtained level I and II qualification in thermography. He is a qualified Safety Coordinator (CSE-CSP) and Health and Safety Officer (RSPP).

Mr Gonnella has worked on projects of energy efficiency at the ENI Refinery in Livorno and condition monitoring at Ansaldo Energia, Genoa. He subsequently worked for some professional firms in Milan, dealing with electrical planning as well as industrial maintenance at companies such as Ferrero, Michelin, Buzzi, Unicem and Trenord. Thanks to this experience, he improved his competences in the field of predictive maintenance, including with the use of infrared and ultrasound equipment to check leaks of compressed air, and electric systems in HV, MV LV. Since 2016 he has worked independently in Milan in industrial engineering and in designing electrical installations.

Electrical planning

We design and plan electrical installations of all types, from residential systems to industrial systems, from residential lighting to the tertiary sector. The services offered concern all the technical aspects relative to installing or maintaining an electrical system:

  • Technical-economic feasibility study
  • Preliminary, final, detailed design
  • Works management
  • Final testing and inspection
  • Final documentation

Professionalism, experience and respect of standards are the foundations of our work which aims to meet our clients’ particular demands, guaranteeing the best results for energy saving and safety.


We provide support services for predictive maintenance of industrial installations through using thermal cameras in synergy with tools for the detection of ultrasounds. This type of analysis allows maintenance personnel to implement a preventive corrective action, avoiding shutting down the installation; it is suitable for global application on installations, on both the electric and the mechanical parts, and helps operators be more effective and efficient in maintenance.

Predictive maintenance is one of the main areas where thermography is used in an industrial facility. It can be used to check all kinds of electrical installations, substations and electrical cabinets. Thermography is also of help in determining malfunctioning on machines and mechanical installations in general. Identifying problems on rolling bearings or plain shaft bearings, the malfunctioning of cooling systems, checking the insulation on furnaces, checking the state of insulation of refractory materials, checking the correct functioning of condensation dischargers are some examples.

Using ultrasounds, thanks to specific instruments, also allows detecting leakages of compressed air, playing an important task of energy optimization and predictive maintenance.


The consolidated body of Italian law of health and safety in the workplace (Legislative Decree 81/2008) includes a series of requirements for companies with employees. The first of these requirements is the preparation of a Risk Assessment Document (DVR) which comprises, inter alia, the appointment of particular figures with tasks of analysis and prevention.

We assist our clients in appointing:

  • Safety Coordinator in planning and final phases (CSE-CSP)
  • Health and safety officer (RSPP)

We also write safety operating plans (POS)


Studio Gonnella

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